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Here at GCSERevise we want to give you the tools to be able to pass your exams!

Jason's Story

While studying for my GCSE's i found it hard to find an effective revision method for me, but using GCSERevise was so easy and fun to use it helped me revise for all my subjects!

When I was first intoduced to GCSERevise at my school i thought it was another boring revision program but once i started using it, I really got into it. I would recommend this to anyone revising for their GCSEs!

  • Projected Level 4 Achived Level 8!
  • Got into the college he wanted!

Katelyn's Story

When i was studying for my GCSEs I couldnt find any revision methods that worked for me! As the exams got closer i began to worry, thats when I was introduced to GCSERevise and it really saved me!

Using this program is as simple as opening it and clicking the subject you want to revise! If I couldnt find any questions on the subject i was revising I would write my own which actually helped me memorise them!

  • Project Level 6 Achived Level 7!
  • Now helps write questions for the program!

Meet Our Team

Our team are some of the finest when it comes to making the possible app for you to use!

Mr. C Coleman

Main Programmer

Mr. C Larbalestier


Mr. E Duckmanton


Ms. J Beker